Bunions FAQs

How are bunions treated?

bunion padding to protect bunion

Bunion treatment falls into one of two categories: conservative or surgical. When you come into our office with pain or discomfort from bunions, we start by treating the condition with conservative techniques. These may include any combination of medication (often nonprescription pain relievers are sufficient), bunion pads, arch supports, custom orthotics, moleskin patches, and an icing regimen. The goal for these treatments is centered on pain management and pressure reduction.

Changing to comfortable shoes that have good arch support, low heels, and offer wide, deep toe boxes can also make a positive impact for your condition. Our office can help you find a pair that will help.

Surgery is another treatment path that can be considered for difficult bunions. There are a handful of different procedures, and if this is the option you wish to pursue, we will determine together which one is the right one for you.

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