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When it comes to treating any foot or ankle condition, our hope is always to do so with nonsurgical methods. We have a versatile tool that often helps us achieve this goal – custom orthotics. Also known as orthoses, these medical devices are intended to correct a problem or condition that is causing you pain or impairing your ability to do the things you love doing.

Should this be the right treatment option for whatever ailment you are experiencing, you can find comfort in the fact that Central Arkansas Foot Care can expertly prepare custom orthotics specifically for your unique needs.

What Are Orthotics?

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The term essentially refers to a device that is inserted into a shoe with intention of correcting a medical condition.

Due to the fact that custom orthotics are versatile—created in a variety of shape and sizes, and constructed from various materials—they can be used for three inherent purposes: correcting biomechanical abnormalities, protecting the foot from injury, or combining motion control with protection. Thus, there are three types available:


Primarily used for walking or dress shoes, rigid orthotics are intended to control biomechanical processes (how the foot moves). These devices need to be solid to provide the necessary structure for properly regulating movement. They are intended to either alleviate or eliminate pain, strains, and aches in the foot, ankle, leg, or even lower back. The materials used to achieve this objective are firm, with carbon fiber and plastic being popular options for their construction.


Whereas rigid orthotics control motion, soft orthotics are prescribed to eliminate pressure on uncomfortable or sore areas, increase balance, and/or absorb shock. Arthritic, diabetic, and deformed foot conditions frequently benefit from the use of this particular style. These orthoses are often constructed from soft materials that provide cushioning. They typically run along the entire bottom of the foot, even extending to the toes.


Combining the motion-control aspects of rigid orthotics with the cushioning benefits of soft ones, semi-rigid options are excellent for walking or sports. These particular inserts are constructed with layers of soft material, but are reinforced with rigid materials for the superior structure necessary to improve foot balance. Semi-rigid orthotics can be useful in helping children who suffer from issues related to in-toeing, out-toeing, or flatfoot. They are also beneficial for athletes who otherwise experience pain when they compete or train for their sports.

What Conditions Can Custom Orthotics Help?

Because they are customized for your feet, the devices we craft for you can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including:

  • Flat feet. While this condition may not necessarily cause pain on its own, flat feet often result in a biomechanical abnormality known as overpronation. When your feet rotate excessively with every step, it can lead to pain in the ankle, knees, hips, and back. Orthotics help by controlling the motion and reducing pronation.
  • High arches. The opposite of flat feet, high arches create a situation where the feet do not rotate enough (supination). This places excessive pressure on the outside edges and can lead to painful conditions. In a similar manner as with overpronation, custom orthotics can correct the gait abnormality to alleviate issues.
  • Plantar fasciitis. If you experience intense heel pain with the first steps in the morning, you likely have this common overuse condition. Custom orthotics can provide arch support to relieve the tension on the plantar fascia and correct the ailment.
  • Neuromas. A neuroma is a matter of excessive pressure on a nerve that leads to pain, burning sensations, and potentially numbness. Pads or bars in a custom orthotic device may be used as part of treatment for this injury.

The Experts in Central Arkansas

Remember that foot and ankle pain is never normal and we are here to help. A pair of custom orthotics might be the answer to your problem, so let us prepare yours today. Contact Central Arkansas Foot Care and get back to living life on your terms! Simply call us at (501) 321-4844 for our Hot Springs office, (870) 245-3003 for our Arkadelphia office.