By Joseph M. LaCava, DPM
May 13, 2015
Category: Diabetic Foot Care
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Causes of Numb Feet or NeuropathyMay 21-24 are the dates for this year’s Arkansas Invitational Senior Softball Tournament. Kimery Park is home to the event—which features age brackets ranging from “young punks” (50+) all the way up to “golden oldies” (80+!)—and teams can qualify for national competition. Staying physically active into old age is great for your health, but a condition like neuropathy can make that difficult. Some think it only comes with diabetes, but there are actually a variety of causes.

This condition damages your nerves, which become either ineffective or unable to communicate with the brain. This situation often leads to sensations like burning or tingling, or even numbness in the feet. These symptoms typically develop gradually, instead of a sudden onset.

One of the main causes is diabetes. When this is the case, we often refer to the condition as diabetic neuropathy. It stems from the damage done to the tiny vessels that supply blood to the nerves caused by excess glucose. In turn, this situation becomes the biggest contributor to ulcers and other diabetic foot problems.

In addition to diabetes, there are a range of other causes including:

  • Other medical issues. Diabetes might be most common, but chronic liver and kidney diseases, HIV and AIDS, cancer (especially lymphoma and multiple myeloma), and Lyme disease can also create the condition.
  • Various medications. Nerve damage is a known side effect for certain medications used to treat cancer, HIV, arrhythmias, and low blood pressure.
  • Vitamin deficiencies. When your body does not receive enough of certain vitamins—B-1, B-6, B-12, vitamin E, and niacin—you increase your risk of developing nerve problems.
  • Alcoholism. Tying in with the previous cause, those who are inflicted with addiction issues often make poor dietary choices, which frequently lead to vitamin deficiencies.
  • Exposure to toxins. Individuals who face repeated exposure to chemicals and heavy metals are more likely to incur nerve damage than those in the general population.

When you experience symptoms that accompany neuropathy—numbness, burning, pain—it is important to seek medical help. You can find the care and expertise you need here at Central Arkansas Foot Care. Simply fill out our online form or call either of our two locations to request your appointment today. You can reach our Hot Springs, AR office at (501) 321-4844, our Arkadelphia office at (870) 245-3003.

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