By Joseph M. LaCava, DPM
May 21, 2015
Category: Diabetic Foot Care
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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that there are over 29 million people who live with diabetes in the U.S. They additionally estimate that 25% of individuals living with the disease do not even know they have it! With this being such a widespread illness, Congress even took note and put together the Medicare Diabetic Shoe Bill. This was an important step since diabetic shoes play a vital role in preventing serious complications.

When you live with diabetes, there are many facets to successfully managing the disease and preventing issues in your feet and lower limbs. You need to perform daily foot inspections, use proper hygiene practices, and keep your feet dry (but not too dry!). It can be a lot to handle, so don’t forget to reach out for the help our office can provide. One area of diabetic foot care that we will certainly assist you with is your choice in footwear and finding models that offer the appropriate benefits to you.

Diabetic shoes should achieve four key objectives:

  1. Relieve excessive pressure. This serves to prevent ulcers and skin breakdowns.
  2. Reduce shear and shock. The vertical force on your foot is known as shock, and shear is the horizontal movement within the shoe. Diabetic footwear decreases the negative effects of both.
  3. Stabilize, support, and accommodate deformities. For a variety of reasons, foot deformities—Charcot foot, hammertoes, amputations—can be common for individuals who have diabetes. As such, footwear must be able to decrease the risk of further damage and relieve any accompanying pain.
  4. Limit joint motion. This is a necessary function for reducing levels of pain and inflammation, and also to promote stability and foot function.

When it comes to diabetic shoe fitting, and all of your foot care needs, Central Arkansas Foot Care is here for you. We will assist you in finding the right diabetic shoes to keep you safe and avoid any serious medical complications. Managing diabetes is a heavy load, but let us help you carry it! Contact us today by calling our Hot Springs office at (501) 321-4844 or use our online form to request an appointment at either of our two central Arkansas locations.